Automatically Create Intelligent Responses to your Form Requests with Wufoo's Dispatch Integration

Ever wish that you could have some program or service intelligently figure out what’s going on in the data collected by your Wufoo forms and automatically respond to them? Well, you now can thanks to [Dispatch](, our latest [Wufoo Wingman Partner]( **Dispatch** is a web service (currently in Beta) designed to help cut down your email load, especially for people who get lots of similar questions. Dispatch can be taught to understand your requests and then either respond automatically or help you answer them more quickly and helpfully.

Dispatch Screencast

These requests enter your Dispatch account through a WebHook integration they’ve setup with Wufoo. Checkout the screencast above to see how it all comes together. A form in Wufoo is equivalent to a Dispatch “stack”. From within your Dispatch account, just create a new stack and then from the Collection Methods, select the Wufoo integration.

Dispatch / Wufoo Integration

Dispatch Wufoo Login

Wufoo form list in Dispatch

Dispatch Field Matching

To connect a Wufoo form to a Dispatch stack, the **Wufoo form needs to have at least 5 required fields**: Subject, Name (the standard Wufoo name fields counts as two: first and last), Message, and Email. If you’d like to connect additional fields, you can also add a Company field and five additional fields of your choice.

Once the filed matching is saved, you’re done! Every time your Wufoo form is submitted, a new request will open in Dispatch and be handled however you have that set up on the Dispatch side. Note that other notifications you have set up in Wufoo will not be effected.

###Sweet Wufoo API Integration

One of the really nice things about this integration is that the Dispatch team used our new [Login]( “Login API documentation”) and [Webhook]( “Webhook API Documentation”) APIs to create a really smooth integration between our two services. You can provide Dispatch your Wufoo login information and the integration is pretty seamless from there on out.

Once you create your form in Wufoo, you can basically do all the account syncing and field matching right from their application. No need to log back into Wufoo or set up an additional WebHook notification, because do they it all for you. Yup, this integration requires zero copy/pasting judo!

Thanks again to the Dispatch team for working with us to craft a high quality experience between our two services. Developers, please take note. We consider their work a gold standard integration. Until next time, we hope you enjoy intelligent automatic processing of your Wufoo data!

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