How to get the most out of the Wufoo + Salesforce integration

It’s easy to collect customer data with Wufoo, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to use that data once you have it. Do more with your forms by integrating Wufoo with the applications you already use and love—like Salesforce. With Wufoo integrations, you can share form data between platforms and put the responses you collect to work across your business.

Get more out of Salesforce

Salesforce does a lot. It lets you manage every aspect of your customer relationships, including sales calls, customer service interactions, and support incidents. It helps you:

  • Manage your lead and customer databases.
  • Provide top notch customer service and support.
  • Get insights into customer behavior and how to grow your business.

But wait, Salesforce can do more! Integrate Wufoo and Salesforce to sync contact information across platforms, manage leads, ask for customer feedback on your sales and support teams, and collect data for Salesforce from emails and websites. Wherever your leads and customers are, you can solidify those connections by linking up your favorite form builder (Wufoo, naturally) with Salesforce.

4 ways you can use the Wufoo + Salesforce integration:

Sync contacts across platforms

Use the Wufoo Salesforce integration to import data from your Wufoo sales lead form directly into your Salesforce lead database. The template is ready to integrate right away, so you don’t need to set up custom logic in Wufoo or get your hands dirty in code to make it work. As soon as someone fills out a sales lead or contact form, they’re already in your Salesforce database.

What if you do need to customize which form fields populate from Wufoo to Salesforce? No problem. Here’s how you can use custom logic to control which fields sync with Salesforce.

Wufoo forms aren’t just the first point of contact with a new lead, they can pop up throughout the customer journey. Don’t worry, there’s a way to avoid duplicate entries. If someone who’s already a customer fills out a Wufoo form to do something like register for a virtual event, Wufoo + Salesforce can update the customer’s contact in Salesforce instead of adding a new one.

Route new leads to the right rep

To convert leads, you need to follow up with the people who fill out your sales lead forms as soon as possible. For the best chance of turning a lead into a customer, get in touch within 5 minutes—after that, conversion rates drop dramatically as leads start to look for alternatives.

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Most businesses fall short of the 5 minute mark, often because sales lead forms bounce from employee to employee before they land in the right person’s inbox. Automate lead routing with our Salesforce integration to get new leads to the right rep on the first try. This kind of automation can decrease your lead response time by routing leads based on fields like region, language, or product.

Evaluate your customer service

How satisfied are customers after interacting with sales or support? Collect feedback on your customer service and review the results in Salesforce with this Wufoo feedback survey. Wufoo + Salesforce directly connects sales and support reps with the full results of customer surveys.

Collect data wherever

Say goodbye to native forms and strict use cases! Now you can embed flexible Wufoo forms on your website or in your emails—and still see responses directly in Salesforce. Build contact, registration, and feedback forms the way you like, and share them with people on any platform. You can also capture new Salesforce leads with gated content hidden behind a Wufoo form.

Wufoo + Salesforce helps you do more, but save time while you’re at it. You can easily collect the data you need for your Salesforce databases with a Wufoo lead generation template. These professional templates take the work out of figuring out how the survey should look and what you need to ask your respondents.

Psst! Salesforce isn’t the only integration that can help you manage sales and grow your business. Want to do more with all your apps? Boost your business with our most popular integrations.


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