Growing International Support


Since we introduced [foreign language support](/2007/04/26/wufoo-speaks-13-languages/ “International Wufoo”) in April, we’ve been working hard to make sure that Wufoo provides the best experience for our international users who like to publish their forms in a language other than English. More importantly, we’re committed to making these forms just as good as the English equivalent and not just some sub-par transformation. To help the cause, we’ve created an interface to make it easier to submit and manage translations in Wufoo.

We encourage everyone to take a look at our new [translation preview]( “Wufoo Translation Preview”) to see the steps we’ve taken to make submitting and reviewing additional languages in Wufoo more efficient. At a glance, you can now see which languages we have, don’t have, and kinda-sorta have. New languages, corrections, and suggestions are easy to submit, and will be actively maintained by our team. Additionally, this page allows you to preview the error messages and labels your users will see if you decide to change the language setting of your form.

During our last update, all error messages were put up for translation. With this update, all subtitled text is now ready to be translated. This will allow you to have a field like “Name” now show with the appropriate foreign language equivalents for the “First” and “Last” labels that show beneath the field (pending translation, of course). With this conversion made to all smart fields, our public forms will be fully translatable.

Now that public facing forms are complete, the goal is to add more languages (we’d love to get Hindi and Japanese in there) and move on to providing additional hooks to other public areas of Wufoo, like reports. Thanks again to everyone who has submitted languages in the past, and to those of you who will add and make corrections in the future.

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