Default Values and Auto Scrolling

Default values for date, european date, and country went up this morning. To set a default country, just edit your address field and select the country from the list on the left. For the date fields, both dates and implied words are valid. For example, the following values will work:

– 2/15/2007
– today
– tomorrow
– +3 days
– last thursday

The nice part about the words is that they change dynamically. So, if you would like the default value of your date to __always__ be the current date, just write “today” in the default value.

We’ve also managed to fix something that has been bugging us for quite some time — scrolling the page on submission. In the past, if you were to embed a long form on your site, your users would see a blank space after clicking submit. This happened because the form was so long, and the confirmation message was all the way at the top. We have now changed it so that when a user presses submit, they will jump to the top of the form if there is no Redirect URL set. This means if there were errors, they will see the notification, and if not then they will properly see the confirmation message.


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