Case Study: How Ms. B Uses Wufoo to Run a Tutor-led Writing Program

[Ms. B](!/msbeeee) (Patsy Brekke) is a Minneapolis-based Wufoo customer who teaches online English classes through her business Writing Foundations. After seeing [her tweet]( about how she uses Wufoo forms to allow her students to upload their assignments, we reached out to hear more about how that works for her.

Ms. B

You might expect an assignment upload form to be very small and simple, perhaps just a Name and File Upload field. They could be of course, but Ms. B takes these forms to another level. Because this is an online course and she can’t be there to remind you on every little detail and rule set out on the assignment, the form serves as a checklist of things that need to be done before the assignment is submitted. Who proofread it? Is it formatted correctly? And the classic problem: is the actual assignment document attached? In fact, she thinks of these forms as checklists:

Ms B Checklist

**”When a teacher has as many students as I do, it’s imperative that each student has his name and assignment information on the page. The Wufoo form holds the kids accountable to that because those details are required.”**

With that accountability, the **”quality of the students’ work has blossomed.”** Once the paper has been submitted, Ms. B is notified, but Wufoo keeps on being useful:

**”Wufoo gives me and my tutor assistant access to the papers anytime, anywhere we have web access. I have found comfort that Wufoo stores a copy of every document that students send.”**

It isn’t just assignment submission that has been so useful to Ms. B. When we first reached out to her, we used the [contact form on her site](, which is of course a Wufoo form!

Ms B Registration

Another challenge that Ms. B faced is how to get students registered for her courses. Before she was aware of Wufoo, one co-op she was a part of **”spent big money to have a website built to automate registrations and use Google Checkout. It works, but it ain’t pretty like a basic Wufoo form is.”** Now that she uses Wufoo for her registration forms with our [Payment Integration](, **”registration time of year is now a dream come true. Money just magically appears in my account!”**

When registration is over, the data on the student that has been collected is still useful. **”Wufoo keeps a copy of all those registrations and that works wonders when I need a class roster or student contact information, etc.”** Ms. B has quick access to all this information because she creates reports on each class so this information is extremely easy to view. For the co-ops she works with that still process all this information by hand, she just makes **”the reports available to the admins, and they are so happy for the information without the work!”**

The thing we like to hear most: **”Wufoo is worth its weight in gold to me.”**

Thanks Ms. B!


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