Build Beautiful Mobile Web Sites with Mojaba and Wufoo

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Wufoo loves design and digs mobile. Fortunately, our latest integration combines our loves and digs. [Mojaba]( provides an easy solution for creative agencies to build beautifully designed mobile web sites for clients – and now, those same clients have access to Wufoo forms. Bonus for non-techies in the crowd, Mojaba’s solution requires no coding or technical knowledge.

So if you’re a creative agency or a web designer, check out Mojaba and Wufoo’s integration. Your clients will thank you.

##To Use This Integration

1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as on Mojaba. Wufoo has both [free and paid plans]( and Mojaba has a [free trial](

2. [Create a form]( on Wufoo or add one to your account from [our gallery](

3. Follow this instructional video on how to integrate that form into your Mojaba account:

Mojaba did a great job with this integration – even going the extra mile to make this integration as seamless for users as possible by using [Wufoo’s Login API]( A big thanks to Christian Gurney and the Mojaba team!

If you are interested in integrating your web app with Wufoo, check out our [Ultimate Guide for Integrating with Wufoo](


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