Back To Basics: Wufoo Integrations

It’s time for another edition of our **Back To Basics** series. In this edition, we’re going to take a look at [Wufoo’s integrations]( with other applications and web sites and show how they can save you time, make your life easier, and make your Wufoo forms *powerful* and *extensible*.

> As always, our Back To Basics series is aimed at newer Wufoo customers and users who might not yet be familiar with the wealth of features Wufoo offers. It might be too simplistic for some Wufoo Vets but I bet if you stick around, you might learn something new that you can do with Wufoo. And if not, you might be able to share your experiences with other Wufoo users and help make everyone’s life that much better. Either way, onward!

## What Are Integrations?

If you’re not familiar with the idea of integrations, here’s your crash course. Integrations are features Wufoo and other sites have built that allow you to *extend* the functionality of your Wufoo account and forms.

Most Wufoo integrations work by **connecting** your Wufoo account or form to a 3rd party application or web site. After connecting, new entries submitted to your Wufoo forms will be *automatically* sent over to the 3rd party app or web site where the entry can be parsed, processed, and used for a bunch of purposes.

Got it? Good. Now let’s go through the types of integrations Wufoo offers.

## Real Time Notification Integrations

Real time notification integrations are the types of integrations that I described before. When a new entry is submitted to one of your forms, the data for your entry is automatically and immediately sent over to the integration partner.

A great example of a real time notification integration is Wufoo’s integration with [MailChimp]( Say you have a [Mailing List]( sign up form on your site and whenever someone signs up, you want their contact information to be automatically added into MailChimp so that you can easily email them.

Using the [MailChimp integration](, you can connect your form to your MailChimp account, and whenever a new entry is submitted to your form, their contact information is *automatically* and *immediately* added to your MailChimp mailing list. No more having to copy and paste data and information from Wufoo to another site.

Sounds awesome, right? It gets even better because Wufoo has 32 real time notification partners from [Asana](, to [Salesforce](, all the way down to Z with a [Zapier]( integration.

Think that’s all? Wrong. There’s more!

## Payment Integrations

If you’re looking to accept [payments]( through your Wufoo forms, you’re in luck. Wufoo offers integrations with **seven payment services**–[Stripe](, [PayPal](, [Braintree](, [Authorize.Net](, [Chargify](, [USA ePay](, and FreshBooks–so you’ll be able to accept online payments with your preferred payment service.

I won’t go into too much detail about our payments integrations here other than they’re *ridiculously easy* to setup and your business can easily start accepting payments online. You can find more info about each payment service by visiting our [Payments Integration]( information page. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into each of the payment services, our very own **Aubriane Taylor** walked through each service in a [payments blog post]( and helps you choose the best service based on your needs and their features.

## 3rd Party Application Integrations

These next set of integrations are our 3rd party application integrations. These integrations believe in the value of Wufoo so much that they’ve incorporated access to our features and the data collected by your Wufoo forms on their side of the fence.

These integrations easily allow you to *embed* your Wufoo forms into their apps or sites (like adding your Wufoo mailing list form to your site with website creators such as [Squarespace](, [Wix](, [Strikingly](, [Yola](, or [Spacecraft](, or adding a Wufoo form to your Facebook page). These integrations allow you to add your Wufoo goodness to their apps and web sites and make enhance the features of apps you use.

## Mobile Application Integrations

If you’re on the go, these mobile application integrations allow you to take your Wufoo data with you. These integrations allow you to use your mobile phone or tablet to accept entries to your Wufoo forms (like with [Entries]( , or to create mobile optimized web sites and add Wufoo to them (like with [Mojaba]( Just really cool integrations with mobile in mind.

## Content Management System Integrations

If you use [WordPress](, [Drupal](, [Confluence](, or other content management systems to run your site and business and you’d like to add some Wufoo goodness, you’re in the right place. Wufoo offers several integrations for content management systems and allow you to seamlessly add your Wufoo forms into your CMS and accept entries and submissions from your users and customers right within your CMS driven site.


With all of these Wufoo integrations, you can truly **extend** and **enhance** the functionality of your Wufoo account and forms. There are so many integrations and so many use cases and work flows that it would be impossible to cover them all in one blog post. You can read more about all of [Wufoo’s integrations]( to find the right one for you and your work flow.

If you use one of Wufoo’s integrations in a cool or novel way, share it in the comments and let your fellow readers know!

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