We've Added Nearly 200 New Templates to the Wufoo Form Template Gallery!

To help you, our wonderful Wufoo customers, save even more time and get back to doing what you do best we’ve added nearly **200 brand new** and high quality form templates to our [template form gallery](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/). That means that we now have more than 350 form templates for you to use to save time and get a jump start on your data collection.

We’ve got everything from a [Team Performance form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/forms/team-performance/) to help you get started with employee and team reviews, to a [Membership form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/forms/membership-form/) to help clubs, groups, and companies start receiving membership applications.

We have a boat load of **registration forms** like our nifty [Neighborhood Events form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/registrations/neighborhood-events/) to help you throw events and build a community in your neighborhood, and even a [Family Reunion Registration form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/registrations/family-reunion-registration-form/) to help get the whole family back together again.

If you’re using Wufoo forms to run your business, make sure to not miss our **Lead Generation** forms like our [Business to Business form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/lead-generation/business-to-business/) that lets your potential business customers the ability to let you know what they are looking for. And don’t miss our **Survey** forms like our [Market Research survey form](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/market-research-survey/), designed to get you a jump start on collecting quality information about your customers. Ready to make your company, product, and service even more awesome? Yeah, we thought so.

No matter what kind of form you’re looking to create with Wufoo, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find it in our [template form gallery](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/). You can also use one that’s similar to what you want and customize it, saving you lots of time in creating your form so you can start receiving useful data that much more quickly.

Missing a form that you’re sure others would like to use too? Let us know in the comments!


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