Answer the Leads Tapping at your Door with Raven and Wufoo Integration


Once upon a midnight dreary, I pondered CRM theory,

Over the confusion of leads to track and store.

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

Raven integrated with Wufoo and said, “Nevermore!”.

We’re happy to announce that [Raven]( has launched a new Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) tool for SEO and social media that incorporates leads from Wufoo.

Whether the goal is SEO link building, social media influencer outreach or lead followup, it’s now easier to manage and track those relationships with Raven and Wufoo. Perhaps with Raven, [Mr. Poe’s Lenore]( would not have been lost.

##To Use This Integration

1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as one on Raven. Wufoo has both [free and paid plans]( and Raven offers a [30-day free trial](

2. [Create a form]( on Wufoo or add one to your account from our gallery, including the appropriate lead information for your Raven campaigns.

3. Follow this instructional video on how to integrate that form into your Raven account:

Big thanks to Arienne Holland and the team at Raven for their hard work on this integration! If you’re interested in integrating your web app with Wufoo, check out our [Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Wufoo](


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