Activity Log!

Last Friday, we pushed up to the servers to all accounts the ability to see a running Activity Log of how you’ve been getting your Wufoo on. To see it in action, go to your Account tab at the top and then click on the “Activity Log” button next to your account stats. Wufoo started tracking these actions on Friday and we’ll be keeping up to 45 days worth of activity for each account. We’ve divided up the information into a couple of color-coded categories (which you can also filter by using the drop down in the upper right hand corner) to make it easy to browse. For those that are wondering, we’ve created this feature for the following reasons:

1. **Foundation for User Management** On the long road to adding multiple users and user management in Wufoo, it was important to us that there would be a system in place for administrators to be able to see how Wufoo was being used and to be able to track when something happened and who made the changes. When it comes to information management in group settings, it’s easy to lose track when you’re in the thick of a project of how things progressed to the present.

2. **Improved Support and Debugging** On our end, keeping a data trail will allow us to provide better support to our users because we’re now tracking these changes in a way that’s easy for not only us but for you to verify when something happened (or didn’t happened). We’ll also be able to analyze this information in aggregate and see if there are certain patterns behind future bugs.

3. **Advanced Subscription** The Acitivity Log also provides a nice foundation for us to build our upcoming SMS update feature. The statements are in a nice format for sending via text message. A lot of people seem to be interested in Integrating Wufoo into their mobile workflow and so this is a preview of things to come.

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