9 inspiring ways people are using Wufoo during the coronavirus crisis

We always love hearing how people are using Wufoo, but it’s especially inspiring to hear those stories in the context of a global pandemic. Our forms are helping businesses, nonprofits, and everyday Wufans do everything from providing students with free internet access to checking up on elderly neighbors. Across the board, these are awesome examples of how technology can boost acts of service—and we’ve gathered together some of our favorite stories below. 

University of West Florida produces free face shields for healthcare workers

The University of West Florida has found a new use for the 3-D printers in its Sea3D Additive Manufacturing Laboratory: producing full face shield masks for medical professionals. UWF announced that it aimed to make around 60 masks per day and used Wufoo to collect requests from organizations serving the healthcare industry. The form allowed university officials to determine the point of contact for each request, and give first priority to hospitals so the masks could quickly go to those most in need. 

VTX1 Companies provides free wifi for online learning

When the coronavirus pandemic caused an unprecedented shift to online learning, many students faced the impossible challenge of trying to continue their education without access to a broadband connection. Luckily, Texas-based VTX1 Companies stepped in to provide free and discounted internet access to college students in its Fixed Wireless service areas. Students use Wufoo to sign up for the Internet Relief Plan, receive free installation, and are covered through the end of the school year. 

Girl Scouts of Suffolk County deliver cookies to frontline workers

Something sweet happened in New York. Or rather, something sweet was delivered in New York—the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County have donated 36,000 boxes of cookies to frontline workers with the help of a Wufoo donation form. The form enabled the do-gooding girls to coordinate their massive efforts and make deliveries to hospitals, law enforcement offices, officers at the county jail, and other local agencies and businesses. 

Historians preserve pandemic stories for future generations

The East Tennessee History Center is home to primary and secondary sources that bring past pandemics, like the influenza outbreak of 1918, to life. So it was only natural for the Center’s historians to turn their attention to collecting stories of life during COVID-19. Using a Wufoo form, they asked people to share how the pandemic has impacted their employment, social lives, and families. The form even included a file upload section, so people could submit photos, diary entries, and recordings that reflect their experience. 

Plus, everyday people are finding brilliant ways to use Wufoo forms…

Neighbors looking out for each other

It’s been amazing to hear how people are taking care of each other during this crisis. Neighbors are using Wufoo forms to pair elderly and at-risk people in their community with volunteers who are ready to deliver any needed food and supplies. The forms help the organizers track requests and make sure no one who is stuck at home is overlooked.

Sewers making masks

This one is sew good: people are sewing masks for those in need and using Wufoo to collect payment and shipping information. And since our forms allow for special requests regarding colors, size, fabric, and number of masks, these crafty folks are able to personalize the masks they produce for an extra special touch.

A non profit hosting a virtual job fair

We were thrilled to hear that a nonprofit is hosting a virtual job fair and using Wufoo to collect registrations and attendees’ contact information. Since social distancing doesn’t allow for a traditional meet-and-greet with prospective employees, the virtual format has helped the organization maintain hiring momentum and connect with interested candidates. 

A county library connecting people with digital resources 

When it closed due to the coronavirus crisis, one large county library wanted to make it easier for community members to download important digital resources. It encouraged residents to sign up for a temporary digital library card, through a Wufoo form, that they could use to access eBooks, audiobooks, online classes, music, homework help, and more. Further proof that libraries are magical? Library staff promised to process library card requests within one business day. 

Friends sharing their love in creative ways

The pandemic has disrupted all kinds of plans, including big life events. Which is why it was so touching that the friends of a couple who had to cancel their wedding found a genius way to keep the love alive. They asked friends and family to submit recorded messages for the future bride and groom via Wufoo, and are compiling everything into a video that will be shared on the couple’s eventual wedding day.

To everyone who is helping others during this crazy time: thank you, your kindness is truly inspiring! If you’d like to share your own story of how you’re using Wufoo for good, or you have any questions about using Wufoo during this time, please let us know.


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