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Build Beautiful Mobile Web Sites with Mojaba and Wufoo

By Kate Brennan · July 25th, 2012

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Wufoo loves design and digs mobile. Fortunately, our latest integration combines our loves and digs. Mojaba provides an easy solution for creative agencies to build beautifully designed mobile web sites for clients - and now, those same clients have access to Wufoo forms. Bonus for non-techies in the crowd, Mojaba’s solution requires no coding or technical knowledge.

So if you’re a creative agency or a web designer, check out Mojaba and Wufoo’s integration. Your clients will thank you.

To Use This Integration

  1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as on Mojaba. Wufoo has both free and paid plans and Mojaba has a free trial.

  2. Create a form on Wufoo or add one to your account from our gallery.

  3. Follow this instructional video on how to integrate that form into your Mojaba account:

Mojaba did a great job with this integration – even going the extra mile to make this integration as seamless for users as possible by using Wufoo’s Login API. A big thanks to Christian Gurney and the Mojaba team!

If you are interested in integrating your web app with Wufoo, check out our Ultimate Guide for Integrating with Wufoo.

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  1. Are there any fixes for forms “going over the boundary” in iPones. A form will display within the box on a standard laptop, however when I view on the iPhone it overlaps. You can see an example

    Posted 5 years ago by Fizone.
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