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Win a Real Battle Axe in the Wufoo API Contest

By Chris Coyier · August 2nd, 2010

Calling all developers, lords, and ladies! In an effort to celebrate and promote the completion of our new REST API, Wufoo is throwing down an API Contest. The skilled developer who creates the most awesome integration will not only walk away with $3000 in cash, but they’ll also be the proud owner of a friggin’ Battle Axe!


The contest starts today, and we encourage you to get creative with the API tools that enable you to build applications, advanced reports, and visualizations not offered by the default Wufoo UI. We’re really excited to see what you all can come up with, and if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve listed some popular suggestions on our contest page.

The Prizes!

In addition to First place winning a real battle axe, we’re giving out cash prizes and free lifetime Wufoo accounts to the top three winners.


And if you don’t have any programming skills under your belt, you can still win some cool prizes by helping us promote the contest. For the next five Tuesdays while the contest is running, we’ll choose a random winner who’s tweeted the #WufooAPIContest hashtag to win an awesome LEGO Viking and some sweet Wufoo swag.

Get crackin’

So check out the contest page and get programmin’. Your entry should be a fully functioning use of the Wufoo API with a demo that we can see and use. If you don’t wish to make it public or it contains sensitive data, feel free to password protect the demo and include that information in your submission. If you have any questions about the contest, the API, the rules, prizes, or anything else, please do let us know.

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  1. Boooo, just open to US residence. Wufoo has a presence in Canada :(

    Posted 7 years ago by zachaysan.
  2. You need to post pictures of said battle axe. It’s not going to be some plastic ripoff is it?

    Posted 7 years ago by Pietje Puk.
  3. Too bad that this contest is only opened to US residents, we have nice ideas flowing in also in Europe :)

    Posted 7 years ago by Flavio Copes.
  4. Why can’t Canadians have a go at the content? This is just plain stupid.

    Posted 7 years ago by Ryan.
  5. Hey guys, while we would love to open it to international audiences, I’m afraid it’s very tricky for us. If you want a basic primer, here’s some information for you.

    “Because of their potential for abuse, sweepstakes are heavily regulated in many countries. The U.S., Canada, and individual U.S. states all have laws covering sweepstakes, resulting in special rules depending on where the entrant lives. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission exercises some authority over sweepstakes promotion and sweepstakes scams in the United States.”

    While this isn’t a sweepstakes, the same comission also oversees rules and laws about contests and have equally annoying restrictions. Obviously, we would have loved the talent and potential of the international community to work on this.

    Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Hale.
  6. Pietje, we just ordered it and will be posting pictures of it when it comes in. Definitely, not a plastic ripoff.

    Posted 7 years ago by Kevin Hale.
  7. A friggin’ battle axe? What are you, twelve?

    Posted 7 years ago by Nick.
  8. Nick: Yes, a friggin’ battle axe. You can sign up for the My Little Pony sweepstakes down the block a little ways. Good luck there, princess.

    Posted 7 years ago by Mark.
  9. Is there a limit to the number of submissions?

    Posted 7 years ago by Logan Frederick.
  10. @Logan, have at it! If you find the time to code up several different ideas, more power to you!

    Posted 7 years ago by Tim Sabat.
  11. Boo. The country restriction seriously sucks - we have a cool idea (which we’ll likely do anyway) that we’d really like to submit from the UK.

    Posted 7 years ago by Matt.
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