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Business Win Loss Survey

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Win/loss analysis is an essential business process that requires you to contact those in your sales pipeline to analyze your win rate, sales performance, and the reasons that may have contributed to losing or missing out on any business. Use our online Business Win Loss Survey to find out what your company did right - and wrong - in your most recent sales presentation; learn how you can improve for the next one; and see where you stand in relation to your closest competition.

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Use our customizable win loss analysis questionnaire to figure out why a customer chose another vendor or provider after your meeting was held or recent proposal submitted. Segment responses by job title, role in selecting vendor or business provider, and how many companies were considered. Find out if the lowest bid won, or if other factors such as the performance of the salesperson came into play. What is it about the professional services, features, and functionality of the winning company that made the difference? This essential information from our online sales win loss analysis can help you to continue crafting winning presentations or change your tactics so that you succeed the next time!

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