Win/Loss Survey: Business Won

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Analyze your win rate in order to build on successful strategies to increase future sales. Create your own Business Win Loss Survey to find out from your existing customers what success factors worked for winning their business, and then apply those same strategies to future sales opportunities to win even more business. Whether you provide potential new customers with a face-to-face presentation, proposal submission, or detailed quote, a clear understanding of how well you performed can lead to new business opportunities - and an improved ROI!

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Use our online sales win loss analysis template to perform important sales performance analysis on issues including pre-sales support, presentation quality, and presenter's expertise - all critical factors for future success. Thank your customer for choosing your company, and then collect important information including their job title, role in vendor selection and purchase decisions, how many other vendors were considered, and the strengths and weaknesses of the company that was their second choice. Then, have them rate your company, salesperson, proposal, pricing, and overall performance. Find out how professional they feel all persons in your company were and how they would rate the product or service purchased. You'll have everything you need to create your next winning proposal!

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