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Want to find out just why your customers cancelled their service or subscription with you? Use our Cancellation Survey Form Template to ask all the right questions directly from your former clients in an easy, online format. Let them know how sorry you are to see them go-and find out valuable insights that can help you to retain your other current customers. You may even be able to lure back some who've left!

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Looking to collect detailed information on cancelled services or subscriptions? It's okay. Every business loses clients sometimes, but if you know why you lost, it'll be easier to prevent your customers from walking away in the future. Our business cancellation follow-up form allows you understand each cancellation request and track all relevant information. Find out how long they used your service, how often they used your services, their reasons for cancellation, their overall client satisfaction level, and what you could do to win them back. Who knows? Maybe if price made renewal a no-go, you can offer a loyalty discount to keep them coming back!

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