Camper's Parent Satisfaction Survey

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The success and concerns associated with summer camp not only affect the campers themselves, but their parents and guardians as well. Send out our Camp Parent Satisfaction Survey to get essential feedback from the parents and guardians of your campers regarding their impression of specific aspects of your camp. Analyze and apply their responses to make next year's camp experience better than ever - for everyone involved!

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Use our customizable, online satisfaction survey for parents to find out if this was their camper's first experience with your particular camp, why they chose your camp, and how they heard about it. Most importantly, learn if they would send their camper to your camp again - and exactly why or why not. Have them evaluate the staff, camp brochure, parent information package, ease of using forms and registering, value of the website, ordering of apparel, and even financial assistance options. Solicit additional comments and contact information to follow up and ensure that you get their business again next year - and that they are willing to recommend your camp to others!

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