Wufoo Payments Continue International March with Braintree Integration


Hey there, hi there, ho there folks! We’re already into the second week of the brand spanking New Year, can you believe it? In keeping with the spirit of all things shiny and fresh, we’re super stoked to bring you the latest scoop in Wufoo payment integrations. We’ve partnered with the amazing (and brainy) folks over at Braintree, who are providing elegant and hassle-free online payment solutions. Great design and painless implementation? We can definitely dig and we’re excited to share this with all of you.

Braintree offers instant underwriting so you can be up and ready to start taking credit card payments in about the same amount of time it’d take you to catch the closing credits of a Young Justice episode. And again, it’s hassle-free to get started- just sign up and you’ll be on your way.

Wufoo Payment Integration with Braintree

Another feature that stands out with Braintree are their international payment options. In addition to the US and Canadian dollar, Braintree can process payments in over 130 currencies and is available for online companies in all of Europe and Australia. Getting into that many different types of currencies can take months to start the integration process so we love that Braintree is able to provide this. Going global with your forms and seeking an international payment solution? This may be your answer!

Braintree also offers a simple pricing structure of 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. There aren’t any pesky sign up fees, credit card storage fees, or contract terms. Due to Braintree’s instant approval process, most merchants are approved within minutes and able to process payments immediately. To find out more, visit this helpful FAQ.

Braintree Internatioal Currency Support

Braintree has helped thousands of other startup companies get their feet off the ground with their unique payment solutions and we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with.

Also, you spoke and we listened– We’re reviewing the possibility of expanding recurring billing features for some of our payment providers in 2013 so stay tuned!

Huge thanks goes out to the awesome brains over at Braintree for inviting us to participate: Jenna Wyer, James Hyde, Jen Busenbark, Hammer, Emma Peterson, Michael Nussbaum, Eric Nelson and Matt Sommer. Over on our end, we’ve gotta thank Larry Kuang, the engineer who made most of the magic happen.

Here’s to Wufoo and Braintree!


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