Wufoo Joins the BarCamp Tour

Here at Wufoo, we believe whole-heartedly in the mission and spirit of the BarCamp movement. A lot of our success is built was on the shoulders of others and we will always do our part to make sure to give back wherever and whenever we can. We love reaching out to fellow developers, sharing what we’ve learned doing what we do and especially meeting our customers face to face out in the real world. Unfortunately, we’ve been mostly limited to experience and participate in BarCamps located here in Florida. And this is why we’ve decided to join the [2011 BarCamp Tour](http://barcamptour.com/).


Apply to Have Your BarCamp on the Tour

Basically, we’re banding together with some pretty awesome companies to help and enhance 10 BarCamps all across the country over the course of 2011. Along with the guys and gals at [Grasshopper](http://grasshoppergroup.com/), [MailChimp](http://mailchimp.com), [Shopify](http://shopify.com) and [BatchBlue](http://batchblue.com), we’re going to pool our resources together to work with BarCamp organizers to help both financially and organizationally make your local developer event the best we can imagine. Here’s a little bit about the story behind the idea from the [BarCamp Tour site](http://barcamptour.com/):

> We realized that outside of Boston, New York, and San Francisco there were hundreds of communities rallying together to host their own BarCamps. Hundreds of entrepreneurs were gathering to donate their time, their services, but more importantly to share their passions. We knew we had to get involved; we had to find a way to help.

And so unlike typical financial sponsorships, we’re not interested in just paying for a badge or logo on your BarCamp’s t-shirt. We want to have a positive impact on making your BarCamp a success. That means we’ll all be there in presence and participating like good BarCamp citizens with panels, workshops and presentations on the topics you most want to know about. Additionally, we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and help with everything from setting up tables and projectors to hosting the after-party to make sure the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

If you’re a BarCamp organizer or someone interested in getting a BarCamp up and running in your community, please do [apply for help from the BarCamp Tour](https://barcamptour.wufoo.com/forms/z7x4a3/). We’re taking applications starting today!


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