We're Hitting The Road Again for BarCamp Tour 2012!


Last year we got together with some of our best friends and helped out nine different BarCamps all across the United States. We did whatever we could to help make the event as great as possible, from throwing the pre or after parties, to helping out with things on the day of the event, to giving talks ourselves on our own areas of expertise.

This year we’re doing it again! Together with MailChimp, BatchBook, and Grasshopper we are: BarCamp Tour 2012!

Never heard of a BarCamp? They call themselves the “unconference”. Instead of expensive conferences with exclusive speakers, BarCamps are typically free to attend and the speakers are the attendees themselves! At the beginning of the day, people post what they’d like to do a session about on a big gridded board. Attendees visit the board to see what sessions they’d like to attend at any given time. Sessions are usually loosely centered around technology.

The Board at BarCamp Boston

##Can we help your community’s BarCamp?

Since BarCamps are free or very inexpensive to attend, the organizers usually wrassle up community support and rely on sponsors to help make things happen with a small budget. That’s where we can come in! If you are organizing your community’s BarCamp we can help you with whatever you need the most. Just head on over to the 2012 BarCamp Tour website and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can about what we can do.

BarCamp Tour 2012 Homepage

##Hope to see you on the road

Keep an eye on the site. We’ll be updating it with the schedule for what cities we’ll be at and when. We’d very much love to see you there!


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