Exciting News: UK Web Design Association and Wufoo Partner Up

UKWDAHeads-up: Potentially over-enthusiastic use of British slang straight ahead.

Cheers, all you lovely form fans! We’re chuffed to announce our partnership with the brilliant folks over at The UK Web Design Association (UKWDA). Created in 2001, the UK-based organization consists of more than 10,000 British web industry professionals all under one creative roof.

We’re pleased as punch that Wufoo gets to expand our product reach. Since our pals across the pond specialize in supporting small and medium-sized Internet-based businesses–payments, form-building and reporting–all these beloved Wufoo features, are now at their fingertips too. Being able to support web designers, developers and business owners with all of their form needs is why we’re here.

Help us welcome UKWDA to the Wufoo family and a (sorry, one more) pip-pip cheerio to our new partners!

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