The Current State of HTML5 Forms


At SXSW 2011, Kevin and I put on a panel about the current state of HTML5 forms and realistic ways you can use these new features to improve your forms. We had plenty to say on this subject, as here at Wufoo we’ve been staying on top of our research on this emerging technology. Now we’re going to release that research to you!

Our new Current State of HTML5 Forms page contains browser compatibility charts for the current landscape of modern browsers. Unfortunately the browser support is still spotty. Browsers support different subsets of the features and often in different or incomplete ways. These charts aim to give you an at-a-glance overview of the current support levels for any particular feature.

Beyond just the charts however, each new feature has an individual page which shows you example HTML for that feature, a live demo, information, screenshots when applicable, and reiterates the current browser support.

##Materials from SXSW

In addition to walking through these new features at our SXSW panel, we talked about the history and inception of HTML5 forms. You may [download those slides here](

We also gave a live demo on how you might start using these new features as progressive-enhancement. That is, use the HTML5 feature in browsers that support that, otherwise fall back to a JavaScript implementation.

– [View Demo](
– [Download Code at GitHub](


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