Text Export and Single Entry View

Over the last few months, we’ve had the two new faces of Wufoo (Tim and Alex) hard at work helping us [rewrite and clean up](http://particletree.com/notebook/beautiful-code-roundup/) Wufoo’s underlying code. Tim’s been putting the final touches on the 2.0 version of our API, which we’re hoping to unleash upon the public soon, and Alex has been laying the groundwork for a complete transformation of our reporting system. While most of their work has been focused on replicating current features using this new API, we’d like to take some time to highlight some new goodness they’ve been able to squeeze into Wufoo Reports.

###Tab Delimited Export

In addition to completely refactoring the code used to export your Wufoo data to Excel and CSV formats, Tim’s added a text file export to the system so you can share and import your data via a tab delimited format.

Text Export

The new export system is also a lot more robust and a better friend to foreign characters collected by your Wufoo forms.

###Single Entry View

Because it’s such a hit in our Entry Manager, Alex ported over the read-only format used to display data both there and in email notifications to the newly programmed datagrid in reports.

Reports now have Single Entry View

Now, when you set up the datagrid to show only 1 entry at a time, it’ll show it in this improved single entry view as opposed to an awkward single rowed table.

Again, this is just a start of some big changes we’re making to Wufoo’s reporting system. Tim and Alex have a lot more up their sleeves and we look forward to seeing their contributions manifest in the months ahead.


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