Sign Up New Affiliates For Your Omnistar Affiliate Program Through Wufoo Forms


Let’s say you sell birthday cakes online. You make the best birthday cakes and do the best marketing you can. Your business is growing. But is it growing as fast as it would if you had hundreds of people making it their business to promote your birthday cakes like your own giant sales and marketing team? Probably not. That’s what online affiliate programs are all about. You offer a financial reward to people willing to promote your products for you. They earn money when they refer sales. Omnistar affiliate program software allows you to set that system up easily and all on the web.

Now with Omnistar’s new Wufoo integration, you can use Wufoo forms to sign up new affiliates to your affiliate program. You’ll get all the customizability, security, and power of Wufoo forms with the affiliate backend of Omnistar.

## To Use This Integration

1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as Omnistar. Wufoo has both free and paid plans this will work with. Omnistar’s plans start at $27/month, but have free trials if you’d like to try before you buy.

1. Create a signup form for new affiliates with Wufoo. Add any fields to capture the information you need from affiliates. Perhaps a membership form like this would be a good template.

1. Follow these instructions, or if you prefer, watch this video explaining the setup:

Thanks very much to Robert Kilonzo and the whole team at Omnistar for making this happen. They’re using Wufoo’s powerful WebHooks to send the data safely over to them for processing.

If you are a developer working on an app and have interest in integrating with Wufoo, make sure to check out our new Ultimate Guide for Integrating With Wufoo.

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