Scheduled Maintenance – 9/27 – 9pm PST

Hey everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we will be performing maintenance on Wufoo’s infrastructure this coming Saturday, which will require us to take down the form processing servers. The scheduled outage is to happen on :

**Saturday, September 27th, 2008**
**9pm PST / Midnight EST**

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This will actually be the first phase of a two part upgrade we’re doing to improve the backend of Wufoo to better handle our current rate of growth and to anticipate future scaling needs. The second phase should take place some time in the next few weeks. During the downtime this Saturday, we’ll be adding some additional hardware that will improve our backup system and make it more robust. We’ll also be putting our new file system online which will improve our database access speeds.

Please note that while the system is unavailable, all Wufoo pages will show a maintenance screen, and public forms and reports will show a text message (black text on white background) explaining that the form is undergoing maintenance. Also, our mail servers will still be working and so you will be able to get a hold of us at .

Please prepare your sites appropriately and thanks again for bearing with us as we continue to grow.

**Update** : Many of you are asking about the length of the downtime. The honest answer is : it depends. The servers will be down for at least 10 minutes for the basic updates and config changes. After that, we will be trying something new and experimental. Basically, we plan to update each account one at a time, which will allow all other accounts to remain functional while one is being worked on. If this plan succeeds (and our testing so far shows that it will) then each account will only be down for about 30 seconds after that original 10 minutes. However, if our plan doesn’t work, all of Wufoo could be down from anywhere between 3 and 15 hours while we have to update everyone all at once. Our support line will be open, and we will get the blog up as soon as possible, so we will do or best to keep you updated on Saturday as soon as we know more.


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