Scheduled Downtime – 6/27 – 1am EST

This Saturday at 1:00am, we will be moving the Wufoo servers to a new data center. During this move, Wufoo’s services will be unavailable for approximately 4 hours. Please make appropriate plans for your site during this period.

**Saturday, June 27th, 2009**
**1:00am EST**

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If you’re up or interested, you can follow our progress during the downtime on our [Tumblr Status Blog]( and/or [Twitter feed](

###Why are we moving?

Over the past two months, we’ve unfortunately had a number of incidents that can be sourced to our current data center. As some of you are aware, we had three separate instances of power outages that resulted in the site coming offline. Normally, these outages would be minimized by the use of a generator used onsite at the data center once our UPS runs out, but something apparently happened on their end that we’ve never had satisfactorily explained.

Our trust in this data center was lost for two reasons: First, the incident happened multiple times and the time frame between each incident was enough that we believed the problems should have been diagnosed and addressed, but weren’t. Second, and more importantly, there was little communication explaining what happened and why it happened. And as you know, that’s just not how we run our business.

Ultimately, it is not fair for all Wufoo users to trust their business and the reliability of their forms to a data center we do not trust. It’s unfortunate because the data center has provided rock solid reliability up until these incidents, so the communication issues were a surprise to us. Rather than avoiding the problem and hoping it doesn’t happen again, we’re moving centers in hopes that our new relationship will instill new confidence.

Thanks for all of your support,

**– The Wufoo Team**


And we’re all done. Everything went over as planned and we actually finished a half hour ahead of schedule. Many thanks to [Bitpusher]( for helping us make this an extremely smooth transition!


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