Payment Updates : Support for More Currencies, Negative Price Values & eCheck

For those of you using Wufoo to power your online payment forms, we have three awesome enhancements to make payment processing even more flexible.

More Currencies!

###12 New Currencies

For our international fans of the **PayPal Standard** and **Freshbooks** integrations, you’ll be excited to know that we’ve added twelve new currencies to the system. These currencies are available in the currency option dropdown in the [payment settings]( interface. The following new currencies are now available:

– Brazilian Real
– Czech Koruna
– Danish Krone
– Hungarian Forint
– Israeli New Sheqel
– Mexican Peso
– Norwegian Krone
– Polish Zloty
– Singapore Dollar
– Swedish Krona
– Swiss Franc
– Taiwan New Dollar

In true Wufoo style, your currency selections will show the right denomination symbols on your public form’s price fields.

###Negative Price Values

We’re also really excited to announce the ability to use **negative price values** when you’re assigning prices to your fields and choices. This feature is automatically available and supported by all of our integrated payment processors.

Before today, the prices associated with your fields and choices could only be set to a positive value, which meant a user could only add to the total price of the shopping cart as they completed a form. With the ability to add negative values, you can set up your form to have certain choices deduct from the shopping cart’s total price, which opens the door for you guys to do some pretty awesome stuff.

Negative Price Adjustment

What kind of awesome stuff? I dunno, how ’bout the power of flight? Just kidding.
But you can create **coupons and discount codes** with your payment form, which is arguably even more awesome. Because we don’t have the time to get into it here, we’ll share how to create a coupon system using logic and branching in conjunction with negative payment values tomorrow here on the blog. eCheck Support

If you want to allow your users to pay by check, but you don’t want to have to wait for a physical check to arrive in the mail, then you’ll definitely want to try out the new **eCheck support for**, which enables your users to either pay via credit card or through a consumer or corporate bank account. Here’s what the interface looks like when your users select eCheck on your payment forms.

eCheck UI on Payment Forms

This feature can be configured in your form’s [payment settings section](, and it is available to all customers using payment integration with Thanks again to all our payment power users for all your suggestions and guidance as we built these features. We are really proud of how much flexibility these capabilities now add to our payment integration system and can’t wait to see how you guys take advantage of them.


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