New Template: Super Bowl Party RSVP

On the evening of Sunday, February 6, 2011, somewhere around 95 million people (nearly a third of the United States) will be watching the Super Bowl. In honor of this glorious event, and to help out you party planners, we’ve dropped a new form into our [Form Gallery]( Check out the [Super Bowl Party RSVP](

Super Bowl Party RSVP

Other than just being a fun cheeky little form, this template highlights some things you can do with forms beyond the very basics.

– **Nested Logic** – an RSVP form asks people if they are coming to an event or not. If they say “no,” all the follow up questions like what they are brining are irrelevant. Wufoo’s [Field Rules]( are perfect for that. You can easily make rules that show a field when another field is of a certain value. On this form, there is a question which asks how many people they are bringing, which only shows up if they check a box saying they are bringing additional people, which only shows up if they say they are coming. Nesting logic like this can be a little bit of a braintwister, but ultimately makes your form make more sense and be easier to use.

– **Inserting Custom HTML** – Section breaks are naturally good for breaking up a form into sections, but they also allow you to insert your own custom HTML into a form. This form makes use of it by dropping in a Google Map. Click the “link” button in Google Maps and it will show you some copy-and-paste-able HTML you can drop right into the Section Break description and the map will show on your form.

Google Maps

On any of the forms we feature in the Form Gallery, you can add them to your own Wufoo account with a single click. You can also download the HTML/CSS directly if you prefer to do the form processing stuff yourself. Just look for the buttons above the forms:

Gallery Buttons

Have a look all around our [Form Gallery](, there are tons of example forms in there. It might just spark and idea for something else you can use Wufoo for.

Oh, and as a Wisconsinite, I feel obliged: **Go Packers!**


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