New REST API Changes

As many of you are aware, we released a beta of our new [Wufoo Rest API]( last week and we promised that we would be making improvements during the testing phase. Well, we’ve got some changes today that we think will greatly improve the readability of API to help reduce the number of head-scratching moments you’ll encounter.

That said, these new changes will unfortunately break the construction of the old structure (that’s Beta for you!). So if you’re using the new API, you’ll want to pay special attention to the list of property changes made to the the [Fields API](/docs/api/v3/fields/), because if you’re referring to any of the changed structures, it might break some of your code. For example:

* `` changed to ``
* `` changed to `

If you haven’t played around with the new code, we’re about to enter our second week of testing for the portions that we’ve made live and we’re still taking feedback on the new system. If you’d like to enter the fray, feel free to check out our methodologies, decisions and justifications for the new API style by reading [The Wufoo REST Principles]( “Rest API Principles”).

Thanks again and happy tinkering!

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