Make Your Forms Tweet with Our New Twitter Integration

Over the weekend, you’ll be happy to know that we finally added [Twitter]( to the list of services that you can send real time notifications about new entries from your Wufoo forms. All you’ll need to do is gather your credentials, do a little point and click action and you’ll be able to quickly make your forms tweet!

Integrating Wufoo with Twitter is super simple. Just go to the [Notification Settings]( for a form that you want to use and then follow along with Tim in this screencast:

Twitter Screencast

Thanks to our recently released [real time notification platform](, this integration makes it really easy to keep a team updated about form activity and build excitement about events powered by Wufoo by showing participation as it’s happening in real time.

You can see an example of this integration in action on the [Twitter test form]( we created last month to show off the new features and get help ironing out the bugs. In the test form we created, we used the Twitter integration to show off who’s coming to a [virtual beach party]( by using the data sent through the Wufoo form.

You’ll notice that part of the data from the entry also appeared in the tweet. This is because you can use our [templating system]( to customize the Twitter message. We also provide a way for users to attach a link to the tweet. It can either go to that entry in the Entry Manager or be one of your own custom links that can use the same templating API to help you integrate it with your own tracking system.

Twitter Integration Steps

Please note that this integration **does not** allow you to send entries that have already been collected through your form to Twitter. It only works on entries after the integration is set up. Additionally, it does not put tweets on Twitter accounts of the users filling out the form. It only updates the Twitter accounts you’ve integrated it with.

The ability to update your Twitter account with Wufoo is available to all users across all plans. Many thanks to our own Tim, who helped us move all of the authentication to oAuth after we decided to change it from the old school method at the last second. If you want to learn more about how to integrate Wufoo’s real time notifications with other great web applications, check out our [integration documentation](


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