Manage Fundraising and Donors with Little Green Light and Wufoo

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Little Green Light is a web-based software tool built for people who do fundraising from individuals. It helps you with the big picture like managing donor lists and segements, reviewing your progress, and scheduling events. They even handle the smaller details like updating individual donor information and recording the results of a phone call.

Wufoo is all about making collecting information easier, faster, and fun through web forms. Now with the new Little Green Light and Wufoo integration, you can build your forms with Wufoo and send the information they collect over to your Little Green Light account. This works by “mapping” the fields on your Wufoo form over to where you want the data to go to in Little Green Light.

Little Green Light and Wufoo Integration

Learn how to set up this integration.

In order to use this integration, you’ll need an account on Little Green Light as well as an account on Wufoo. For the watch and learn types, here’s a video tutorial:

Thanks to Nick Bicknell and his team over at Little Green Light for creating and supporting this integration!

We love to see integrations like this that are built to work seamlessly completely from the the integrating application. In this case, it was all done through use of our Login API, Forms API, Fields API, and WebHook API. Fancy stuff.


  • Chris, i think you were typing fast when you wrote that blurb. Caught a typo and some, uh, non-standard sentence construction 😉

    No biggie, just being a nit-picker. Sounds like a good partnership which i’m going to bring to the fund raisers here at SOU.

    Posted January 11th, 2012 by Jeremy Speer.
  • How do you get this type of wufoo Comment box on a website.

    Posted January 11th, 2012 by Sammie Blackmon.
  • Jeremy, are you using LGL at SOU?



    Posted January 11th, 2012 by Philip Stanley.
  • would this replace paypal or just be an option in addition to paypal?

    Posted January 11th, 2012 by Trish Hallmark.

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