Extend the Power of WebHooks with ItDuzzIt


One of the most powerful ways to integrate with Wufoo is through our WebHook notifications. This allows the data that is collected from a Wufoo form to be sent anywhere else on the web instantly. But in order to use WebHooks, you need a a domain name, web server and a bit of programming skill.

Sound complicated? Don’t want to deal with it? Enter itDuzzit, a web service that is specifically designed to be the middleman in situations like this. You can set up itDuzzit to accept incoming WebHook notifications and then pass that data along to other places. All without doing any programming. Here’s some examples of things you could do with itDuzzit:

Perform calculations on form data. For example, grade a quiz. One user created a Wufoo form to log every time he rides his bike. Then that data is sent to itDuzzit which calculates the Carbon emission savings, and then that is posted to Twitter automatically.

Save up data for later. One user sends Wufoo data to itDuzzit, which then saves the data for a week and then sends him a summary of data collected each Monday.

Create a brand new integration. You could send contact form details to a CRM (e.g. Contant Contact) that Wufoo doesn’t yet have an integration with. Or you could send that data to Twilio and create an instant-callback system.

Extend a current integration. Wufoo does integrate with Highrise, but through itDuzzit, you could have a form update a current contact in Highrise, rather than automatically create a new one.

– Update a Google Doc with new data. This one already exists!

In order to use this integration you need both a Wufoo account and an itDuzzit account (both have free versions). You can then follow their in-depth guide: “Integrating Your Apps with Wufoo using WebHooks”. Once that’s set up, check out their documentation on Duzzits (the fun part!) where you send off the data to other places. You can build these yourself or choose from their ever-growing library of pre-created ones.

Thanks very much to the itDuzzit team for creating this integration. We hope you have fun with it! Please share any cool connections you build with it in the comments.


  • This is a really great tool, and Steve is incredibly helpful and responsive. I’ve been able to generate tasks to Highrise from the webhooks off of a wufoo form which does a lot to smooth out our office workflow

    Posted October 17th, 2011 by Libby.
  • Is there any way to take Event Submission from wufoo and automatically send them to Google Calendar?

    Posted October 17th, 2011 by Matt.
  • Anyone know how to use this with the Google Calander Add an event function in the itduzzit library.

    Im looking at getting data from one of my forms to create an event automatically for me in my google calander.

    Anyone have any ideas how to do this?

    Posted October 17th, 2011 by Adam.
  • itDuzzit can take wufoo form submissions and send the data to Google Calendar. Within itDuzzit, create a wufoo form handler and then use the editor to drop in a “Do”. Then select the Google Calendar category to find the “add event” duzzit. If you need assistance, fill out the support/contact form on the itDuzzit site and we can help you set it up.

    Posted October 17th, 2011 by Steve.

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