Downtime – Moving to Rackspace

This coming Saturday, October 10th, at 11:00pm EST, we will be moving Wufoo to a new home with [Rackspace]( During this move we are expecting all services to be unavailable for 30 minutes.

**Saturday, October 10th, 2009**
**11:00pm EST**

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If you’re up or interested, you can follow our progress during the downtime on our [Tumblr Status Blog]( and/or [Twitter feed](

First and foremost, we would like to emphasize that this move is not an emergency move. We have been planning the move with [Bitpusher](, who currently hosts and administrates Wufoo, since July, and we will continue working with them as administrators after the move. The idea to move came about during the summer when we felt we were stretched too thin. Rapid growth led to scaling problems that, even though we were able to solve them, left us feeling unprepared. We felt that if we could find a company to take care of the hardware, networking and redundancy side of things, we would be able to start focusing on rolling out new features. Rackspace provides us with a best class infrastructure supported by an army of engineers, which gives us the confidence we are leaving nothing to chance.

The immediate benefits of the move are not readily apparent, but they are significant. In a sentence — more eyes leads to more reliability. More eyes will be watching backups to make sure they ran. More eyes will be watching our server usage to see if any thresholds have been passed. More eyes will be looking for any potential problem that could affect our service. We take pride in the responsibility you place in us, and we’re excited to be doing our part by adding more resources as we grow.


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