'Dial Your Leads' Integration Makes You The First Voice New Leads Hear


Dial Your Leads is a service that puts you in immediate phone contact with new leads captured from the web. Imagine you run a real estate business and create a Wufoo form for capturing info from families who are looking for a new home. With Dial Your Leads integration, that form submission can trigger a phone call between you and this new family immediately.

To use this integration, you’ll need a Wufoo account that you’ve built some type of lead capturing form. Then you’ll follow their instructions on using our WebHooks notifications. No fancy programming required! They also have a tutorial video if that’s your speed.

Dial Your Leads Integration

Thanks very much to Mike Frager and the Dial Your Leads team for working on this integration! They are the latest addition to our partners page. If your application has built an integration using our APIs or WebHooks, make sure to fill out our Wingman application so we can return the favor.


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