Dedicated to the Number Crunchers

One of the most valuable members on our team is our beloved accountant, Elaine. We know from experience that it’s extremely important to be nice to her. She’s both the Gatekeeper and Key Master of our fiscal destinies (budgets and paychecks) and nothing seems to get by her super hawk eyes. In appreciation of the work done by all the Elaines out there in various companies and organizations using Wufoo, we’d like to dedicate the following features to you.

###Charge Explanation Page

Inspired by the good folks over at [37signals](, Chris and I made some changes to how we bill customers so there’s a lot less confusion when it comes time for those in charge of the coffers to view your credit card statements. We changed the name associated with our credit card charges from **Infinity Box Inc.** to **** and designed the following charge explanation page to go along with it:

Wufoo Charge Page

This [Wufoo Charge]( page presents the most frequently asked questions about being billed for Wufoo’s services. It’s been set up like this for a few months now and we’ve already seen a nice decrease in inquiries and chargeback requests for our recurring charges.

###Redesigned Invoice Section

Earlier today, we talked a bit about the [redesigned Account Manager]( For users on paid plans, you’ll notice that we’ve completely revamped how invoices and billing information are presented on that page.

New Invoice Section

Instead of a simple list of links to past invoices, we’ve created a color-coded grid (colors are based on the plan charged for that month) organized by year. Beige charges indicate invoices that contain non-standard monthly charges like overages or prorated amounts that occur during upgrades in the middle of the billing cycle. We’ve also added a quick view of the current billing information on file with a link to our redesigned [billing information page](

###Email Past Invoices

Email Past Invoices

Since we’re discussing invoices, we should also mention that we’ve added the ability for users with permission to email past invoices to anyone they choose. If your accountant (let’s say Bob) wants to take a look at January’s invoice, you no longer have to print out and walk said invoice to his office. You can now easily avoid Bob’s steely glare with this new feature. Just press the Email button on the invoice, specify Bob’s address, and press send. One and done.

###Send Invoices to Multiple Recipients

And here’s our final finishing move for the accountant in your office. In the past, Wufoo sent billing invoices only to the account creator. This caused issues because most billing departments are located elsewhere from the developer using the service and because there was a lack of communication, the accountants would have no idea why the company / organization was being charged for our services.

Email Invoices to Multiple Addresses

Well no more, friends! You can now keep your accountant in the loop. The Account Creator can now specify additional email addresses to have invoices sent to and that means no more excuses about mysterious charges. Just imagine the pride on your accountant’s face when they realize you were thinking of them for once!

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