Customer Spotlight on Rev: How a Tech Startup Uses Wufoo to Streamline & Simplify Services

Say hello to San Francisco-based startup, Rev. Their mission? Enable and empower work-from-home labor to flourish. See how Rev CFO and VP of Operations, David Abrameto, uses Wufoo to help increase their productivity and allows them to focus on growing their business.

Take it away, David!

As a co-founder, the CFO and VP of Operations, I wear a lot of hats here at Rev. Our company’s been in operation since late 2010 – having grown from a tiny start-up to a slightly less tiny startup with fourteen fulltime employees.

Currently, we offer two services, primarily for small businesses and consumers: Audio Transcription and Document Translation. Both services are done by our global teams of work-from-home freelancers.

My role within the Rev engine has many parts. These days I’m focused on Operations – improving turnaround time, quality, and consistency. This involves everything from improving the customer experience on our website to managing how we attract, hire and manage our freelancer workforce.

How are you using Wufoo?

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. This is where Wufoo’s stepped up to the plate for us. With their awesome and easy-to-create forms, our audio transcription and document translation services can collect job applications hassle-free.

Who is using Wufoo in your organization?

Our recruiter is the one who evaluates all candidate applications through Wufoo every day. With the Wufoo API, we’re able to bring all the form data into our own system so we can use it there. We’re then able to customize it in order to fit into our recruiting workflow. Which leads us right to…

How has Wufoo changed your workflow or the way you do business?

Well, pre-Wufoo, we had to use our email inbox and a spreadsheet to help manage our application submissions which got to be pretty inconvenient. Wufoo has made it so much easier to manage inbound applications, especially as our volume continues to increase. Also, using the Wufoo API has meant the death of the dreaded manual data entry. We’ve cut it out completely from our new account creation process which has saved us precious time not to mention our sanities!

What’s been your favorite Wufoo experience?

Definitely how we’ve used the API to automatically pull data from our application forms into our own user management system. It’s cut down on the manual labor needed to manage our recruiting process in a big, big way.

Anything else?

Here at Rev, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of how we can use Wufoo in the future.

High-five to you, David and your entire Rev team! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Check out Rev if you’re interested in more information about their powerful audio and business transcribing services.


  • We can easily send our leads out to our sales team with wufoo API, and being a manufacturing manager, that keeps me out of the office and out on the floor,

    Posted May 1st, 2013 by Doug Phalin.

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