Back To Basics: The Amazing Activity Log

In this edition of our Back To Basics series, we’re going to take a quick look at an under appreciated Wufoo feature, the [Activity Log]( As always, the Back to Basic series is geared toward *newer Wufoo customers* who might not yet be familiar with the wide variety and breadth of Wufoo features. If you’re a Wufoo Vet, this might be a bit too basic for you, but if you do stick around, I bet you’ll still be able to learn a thing or three!

If you’ve ever wondered or needed to remember what exactly you did in your Wufoo account, the **Activity Log** is your friend. To access the Activity Log, simply head to your Account page and click the button in the top right labeled, “Activity Log”. This’ll take you to a page that looks suspiciously like a log of all of your account’s activity that runs in reverse chronological order, which is exactly what it is!

From this page you’ll be able to view all of the activity that has occurred in your account for the past *45 days*. This log is super powerful and useful especially if you have many sub-users on your account (which we talked about creating in our last Back To Basics post about [User Management]( From within the Activity Logs, you’ll be able to view information about:

– **Forms:** You’ll be able to see what users created, edited, or deleted forms from your account and when they did so. You’ll also be able to see when themes are changed for a form or when a form has become inactive.
– **Entries:** Rather than overload the Activity Log with each entry submitted, you can view when your entries are edited or deleted.
– **Reports:** You’ll be able to see when reports are created, edited, or deleted and by what users. You’ll also be able to keep track of when passwords are turned on and off for reports.
– **Themes:** You’ll be able to see when themes are created, edited, or deleted as well as who did it.
– **User Activity:** You’ll be able to find out when a user logs in or out of your account.
– **Account Activity:** We keep track of whenever your account upgrades, downgrades its subscription plan, and whenever you change your billing information.

As you can see, the Activity Log is your go-to tool whenever you need to remember when you did something related to your Wufoo account, or when you’re trying to figure who’s responsible for that really ugly theme (not me!) and when they did it. It’s great for troubleshooting changes to your forms and it’s also especially handy when you have many users on your account.

Need more information about the Activity Log? View our help documentation about it [here]( If you’ve got other nifty tips or tricks when using the Activity Log, feel free to share it with the rest of the Wufoo community below!


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