Allow your Clients to Embed Wufoo Forms with YikeSite

Have you ever wanted to have your own CMS that you could resell to each of your clients? YikeSite is exactly that, only you don’t have to build the CMS yourself. In other words, YikeSite is hosted “white label” CMS. So you can build your own site with YikeSite, but it’s more about reselling to your own clients for them to manage the content on their own sites. And now those clients can embed Wufoo forms into the pages they build through their new Wufoo integration.

##Here’s how it works from the user’s perspective:

YikeSite Integration

YikeSite is using the Wufoo Form Embed Kit for this integration. They’ve done a great job. This is the perfect use case for it. Other CMS developers, take note!

Jeff Ward of YikeSite told me today is YikeSite’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday YikeSite!


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