Get Your Leads in Shape with Agile CRM and Wufoo

As a small business owner, you’ll be keeping all your business’s moving parts agile, flexible and strong thanks to our partnership with the integrated sales and marketing powerhouse, Agile CRM. What does this mean for you, dear customer? With our integration, get ready to sell and market with the pro athletes of CRM if you will.

By combining marketing automation with traditional CRM functionality, Agile increases both profits and your business’s health. How? Making life easier for your sales and marketing teams in sharing information, tracking leads and increasing user engagement. A number of Agile CRM’s beta users were already using Wufoo to create powerful, dynamic forms, so developing an integration ranked #1 on Agile CRM’s plugins list. Get ready to…

  • Boost the data you collect from your online forms.
  • Seamlessly push through form submissions right into your Agile contacts.
  • Add tags and automatically track those users’ online activity on your site.
  • Agile then makes it easy to create automated marketing campaigns based on this behavior.

    To Use This Integration

    1. You’ll need a Wufoo account and an Agile CRM account. All of Agile CRM’s plugins and integrations are included for free, even with free accounts.

    2. Next, create some awesome forms in Wufoo. We recommend starting with a lead generation form, as these will automatically create new contacts in Agile after you complete the integration.

    3. Agile CRM uses WebHooks to integrate with Wufoo. Check out basic integration setup instructions online, and just follow the easy steps. Agile also provides detailed setup instructions in a PDF.

    Need a visual? Boom, check it out.

    That’s all there is to it—jumping jacks and push-ups for everyone! Only kidding, you can relax. Big thanks goes out to the entire crew of Agile CRM for making this integration possible.

    Questions, comments? You know where to go.

    If you’re pumped and ready to integrate with Wufoo, click here.


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