Add and Manage Your Contacts with Capsule CRM and Wufoo


Capsule is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) app that helps you stay organized with the hordes of people you’re working hard to establish strong relationships with online. Of course, Capsule is only as useful as the data it has to work with. One way to get data into Capsule is to enter it manually for each new person you interact with. Fortunately, for those you who’d like a less tedious method for getting that data, you can now integrate your Wufoo forms with their service and automatically have customers add their own data when they complete one of your fancy lead generation forms.

If you are interested in utilizing this really sweet integration, just follow these steps:

## Making It Work

* You’ll need an account both on Wufoo and on Capsule.

* Create a form on Wufoo that will serve as the form you collect new customer information from. Perhaps a lead generation form, contact form, or order form. Or, identify a form you’ve already created that you’d like to have it’s new submissions sent to Capsule.

* Follow the instructions here or watch the following video tutorial on how to set it up:

Thanks very much to Josef Szotten and the whole team at Capsule CRM for working on this integration! They’re using Wufoo’s powerful WebHooks API to send the data safely over to Capsule for processing.

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