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Jakob Nielsen Ranks Wufoo Among 10 Best UIs of 2008

By Kevin Hale · August 12th, 2008

Earlier this year, the Nielsen Norman Group, one of the top firms focusing on human-centered product development process, conducted a design competition to identify the world’s ten best application user experiences. We are incredibly excited to announce that Wufoo has been selected by Jakob Nielsen, “the guru of web page usability,” as one of the winners of the design competition.

Jakob Nielsen Ranks Wufoo Among 10 Best UIs of 2008

Congratulations are in order to all of the other winners! We’re humbled to have been named among such fine folks. Also, many thanks goes out to the Nielsen Norman Group for the great honor and all of our users who helped us shape Wufoo into what is is today. You guys are the ones that helped us add the real polish and for that, this award is just as much yours as it ours. For more information about the competition and results, please checkout the official announcement on Nielsen’s blog.

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  1. Congrats for you place :)

    Posted 9 years ago by Dav7.
  2. Congrats from one winner to another.

    The SuperSaaS team

    Posted 9 years ago by SuperSaaS.
  3. Ha, I like the “Everyone needs a hug.” in this form.

    You guys need a big + for your support talents too.


    Posted 9 years ago by Torley.
  4. You guys totally deserved this accolade

    Posted 9 years ago by Alison Murdock.
  5. Well deserved honor. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Posted 9 years ago by Jamie Parks.
  6. Well done! And well deserved. I confirm as a frequent user and an interface designer :-). Congratulations!

    Posted 9 years ago by Vero.
  7. Congrats and Thanks, many UI design points in that article is nice!

    Best Regards,

    Edwin Yip

    Mind Mapping is as Effortless as Typing

    Posted 9 years ago by Edwin Yip | Mind Mapping Made Easy.
  8. Your forms are always cool.


    Posted 9 years ago by Just Car Loan Team.
  9. As anyone who has designed something knows, it takes a lot of work to make it look easy. Wufoo is easy and engaging. Wufoo deserves the high ranking that Jakob Nielsen (the guru of web usability) gave it.

    Posted 9 years ago by Four Columns Realty.
  10. Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted 9 years ago by Akinsanya.
  11. OK, then I really have to check your services :-)

    It seem to do the things I need!

    Posted 9 years ago by Henrik Hansen.
  12. Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted 9 years ago by sethbrtier.
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