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Whether you're trying to boost team morale with a great offsite or plan for the next quarter, you want to make sure your meetings count. Although everyone may have shown up for your all-important meeting, how do you know if it was a success? Use our customizable meeting evaluation form template to find out if you're using time wisely--and if your main message got across to your attendees.

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Our online meeting feedback survey form asks for candid responses about the meeting recently attended. Just how productive did attendees feel the meeting was? Exactly why do they feel that way? Were the meeting objectives clearly communicated in advance? Were they met? Were follow-up actions decided on and assigned? How well was the meeting moderated? You can also find out if attendees feel they had the opportunity to participate in the meeting--and if all the right people were invited to attend. Our meeting feedback questionnaire even gives attendees an opportunity to assess the meeting logistics, timeliness, and overall effectiveness of the meeting. Taking time to find out how attendees feel about a meeting afterwards can help you plan more focused and effective meetings for the next time!

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