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Get a snapshot of your customers and their product opinions with our Market Research Survey Template. Use this online form to capture vital demographic information-including age, gender and income-and refine your sales and marketing tactics to better suit your audience. Don't stay the dark when it comes to your product's success-start aggregating the data you need to successfully enter and dominate the field with our market research questionnaire.

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Measure a product's impact with our market research questionnaire. Ask consumers which product was a hero (and which was a flop) how much they would pay for certain features, and what they've purchased from you in recent months. Escape the positive feedback loop that is the Achilles heel of many talented development teams with our customizable market research tool. With our easy-to-use online form, learn from your customers, adjust your product accordingly, and keep them buying more from you for years to come. You can even collect contact information for future marketing outreach with this invaluable market research tool.

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