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Concept Test: New Product or Concept

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Have a new product idea? Awesome! Now it's time to test whether or not your new product or service would fly off the shelves-or miss the mark. Use our online Product Concept Testing Survey Template to quickly and efficiently pitch ideas to your ideal target market. Simply embed your new product survey into your website or send it via email or social. Test multiple concepts and even include images so consumers can give you helpful feedback on your new product concepts, fast.

What's in the Concept Test: New Product or Concept?

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Pitch your ideas to your target market to get actionable product feedback. Use our new product survey to show images and descriptions of your new product or service to consumers. Ask about what they like and dislike about it. Would they be likely to use that service? What similar types of products and services are they already using? Our new product questionnaire helps you organize and process new product information and customer responses to formulate the best marketing plan. It even includes important survey setup tips to make your job even easier!

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