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It's not about losing an employee - it's about gaining valuable information to improve working conditions and understand what is and isn't making the rest of your employees happy. If you work in HR, you know how important Exit Interview Questions are for getting helpful feedback about the work environment at your company. Our simplified online form provides your employees with the chance to answer in-depth questions confidentially, so that you can learn how employees truly feel about their jobs and supervisors. Don't let your employees leave without getting the answers to these essential questions!

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Share our online exit interview form with departing employees, and learn why they really chose to leave your company. Whether they believed their skills were put to use effectively or if they felt there was any room for professional growth. You'll also find out how accessible necessary resources were, whether they thought their pay rate was fair, and how well they think their supervisor and team performed. Gain insight into employee stress levels, sense of safety and comfort at work, and work-life balance. Our exit interview template asks questions you need the answers to, and what you can implement in the future.

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