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Sometimes your best sales pitch comes from your own customers. If you're looking for some compelling customer testimonials and case studies to help you sell your stuff, use our online customer Testimonial Form Template. Ask customers to talk about their experience using your product or service in their own words and collect their contact information. Then follow up with them for permission to use their statements in your marketing materials. You'll learn what customers think of your product or service-and get social proof too. It's a win-win!

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Learn more about your customers' experience and how your product or service is actually used by sending out our online testimonial request form. Were there obstacles that might have prevented the customer from purchasing? Which features do your customers like the most? Can they list three benefits of the product? In addition to capturing product feedback, our testimonial questions ask for individual contact information-so that you can follow up with customers and get their approval for sharing. You can even ask them for a case study based on their comments to use as sales collateral!

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