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Time Off Request Form

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You probably already have an established policy for how to handle time-off requests, but you may be missing a clear-cut, streamlined process for making those requests. When your employees are planning a leave of absence, a simple time off form makes it easy for you to gather the details of their request and promptly approve or deny it. Just use our handy online Time Off Request Form to manage both unpaid and paid time off requests from all of your employees.

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Life happens, and sometimes even the most dedicated employees need a leave of absence or time off from work. From vacations and family events to medical leave and doctors' appointments, you and your employees will appreciate the convenience of our easy-to-use online time off template. Have your employees simply fill in their name, department, employee ID, normal work hours, and date(s) of requested time off. Quickly approve or deny their request, adding any relevant notes. Done!

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