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Termination Checklist

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At some point in any business, you'll have an employee who's leaving your company - whether it's a voluntary resignation on their part, simple downsizing, or a supervisor-determined termination. By having a prepared Termination Checklist, you'll find it so much easier to handle the entire termination process while protecting your company's rights as those of the departing employee.

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When an employee leaves your company, there's so much more to do than simply have him or her clean out a desk. Depending on the job position, there may be keys to hand in, a laptop to return, manuals to turn in, company-owned materials to hand over, and other tasks to be completed. Our termination checklist template goes through each step of the termination process, from exit interview to financial issues such as the final paycheck or severance package, benefits and access cancellation, and property handover. Use our employee termination checklist template, and find out how much simpler the termination process can be.

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