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Generic Incident Report Template

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In any workplace, incidents and injuries are bound to occur at some point. Whether the problem is illness, injury, or accident, our Generic Incident Report Template provides your employees with a streamlined process for reporting any worrisome incident that occurs. Use this form to ensure that you are alerted and aware of any workplace happenings that may cause future problems or which need to be addressed in a timely fashion.

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Why have a separate employee incident report, employee accident report, employee injury report, and workplace incident report form? Instead, simply use our flexible Generic Incident Report Template form for all your employees' concerning workplace occurrences. Our form asks for details about the involved party or parties, time and date, a comprehensive description of the incident, any medical action or aid provided, any additional assistance involved, and contact information for the primary party. Follow up swiftly and surely as soon as you receive this report to keep your business running smoothly and your employees taken care of under any circumstances!

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