Need to Boost Your Web Presence? Use Wufoo to Host Your Website!

Boost your web presence by using Wufoo’s forms and surveys to create the best website easily. Wufoo is customizable so you can use a form to host a web page.

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By: Johan Lieu

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Need to Boost Your Web Presence? Use Wufoo to Host Your Website!

Wufoo can do way more than just help you create super-functional, attractive surveys and forms. You can also use Wufoo to create a basic website, too! Since a Wufoo form can act as a standalone web page, you can add all of the information your website needs at the top of the Wufoo form page. Then, customize it using Wufoo’s easy-to-use Theme Designer tools, so that the finished product functions and looks like a website should.

Collect information – easily – with your Wufoo website

Announce, advertise, collect, or promote! Just add any of Wufoo’s forms to your shiny-new Wufoo website page. For example, if you’re creating an Event Announcement Form, input the details for the soiree at the top of the Wufoo form page, in the Intro section, so it looks like a website, and then drop the form in at the bottom so that people will learn all about your party, concert, or fundraiser.

Include any of our essential forms on your Wufoo website page to make collecting info a headache-free experience. We have pre-designed a Contact Form, Newsletter Sign-Up Form, and even an Online Payment Form, just to name a few.

Here are some other ways that Wufoo forms work brilliantly as a website page:

Promote yourself with an online résumé

Want to really impress your future employer? Create your own website that showcases your résumé. To set it up, use the Wufoo Resume Form as a standalone page to promote yourself. Add a brief bio or any pertinent job information at the top, and then fill in your résumé details on our form. Send employers the hyperlink for the completed page, put it on your LinkedIn page, or include the link in an email you send out to the HR department. They’ll be impressed with the personalized website featuring your work experience.

Create a website for your campaign or petition

So, let’s say you need to collect 1,000 signatures on your petition. Wouldn’t it be handy to create a website that you can place the petition on? That’s why you have Wufoo, folks. Use our Online Petition Form as your website page. At the top of the form, write-in all of the details that will let people know what the petition is about, design it to your heart’s content, and then ask people to add their name to the petition. Done!

Here’s another way you can use a Wufoo form as a website: Advertise your support network, and collect people’s sign-up information. Perhaps you run a support group for mothers, or you’ve formed a group for veterans, and you’d love to have a simple website where people can sign up. Well, it’s a snap! Use Wufoo’s Support Network Form as your website page. You can use the top of the form to talk about the support network, add in where it meets, and include information such as who is eligible to participate. Then, people can fill in their contact details and write-in any qualifying information your group requires on the form. Looks like you’ve got yourself a website!

Get sign-ups for your kid’s sports team

Have you been tasked with collecting sign-ups for your kid’s football team, soccer team, or little league association? Easy-peasy. Create a website by grabbing Wufoo’s League Registration Form. At the top of the form, fill in any details that parents will need to know, and then use the Wufoo form below to get information such as the position the child wants to play, the child’s age and name, and the parent’s contact information. Once you finish, all of the other parents will think you have mad website-building skills. Whether you tell them that Wufoo helped you out is up to you!

And that’s all there is to it! Basically, you can use Wufoo forms and surveys as your own website page, which can definitely come in handy.

Still Curious How Wufoo Works?

Wufoo is an easy-to-use online tool that allows anyone to create and build online forms–no coding or programming required. And Wufoo hosts and stores everything, so you don’t have to worry about where your forms or data will live.

You can completely customize the look and feel of your forms using our Theme Designer by choosing colors to fit your brand or theme, as well as adding your company’s logo or your wedding colors to your forms. You can even use one of almost 300 form templates in our Form Gallery to jump start creating your forms, or look at our Examples to see how you can use Wufoo in your company.

Wufoo partners and works with loads of other applications, allowing you to accept data and information through your forms and send it other applications that your company uses. We have integrations with applications like MailChimp, Dropbox, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress, and more.